A Certain Brazilianness

is initiated by Wendelien van Oldenborgh and so far realized in collaboration with:

the crew/cast:
Ricardo Basbaum, Winston Belliot, Mario Campanella, Paul Domela, Gio Doemoeng, Corinne Gambi, Milford Kendall, Maria Moreira, Imogen Stidworthy, Milica Topalovic, Ari Versluis and Florian Wüst.

for the website:
Claudia Borges, Allard Roeterink en Martijn Eerens, assisted by Geeske Kanters




With the financial support of:

The Rotterdam Arts Council (Rotterdamse Kunst Stichting)



and technical support by:

V2 / Rotterdam Stroomt


and kind support of




Eendrachtsweg 67
3012 LG Rotterdam

t: 0031 10 411 1120
m: 0031 6 1984 2271


Thank you very much:

Audrey Quandus and the Jacobusschool; Claudia Borges, Bas Princen, Gabriele F. Götz.

and the guests in the Polyphonic Stage: Richilnello, Sigmar, Patrickson, Kevin, Riendy, Raily, Clay, Diangelo, Ensheline, Vienys, Giorgina, Manuela, Suki, Ferry, Karim and many others.