Script 02




from the dialogue produced by the Polyophonic Stage, the following scetches are parts of an open script, which is growing still. (see also script 03)



Corrine:       You were almost, eh…

Mario:          I was about to cut my bread but…

Corinne:      Décapité!

Maria:          Where's the butter?

Corinne       comment on dit décapiter en anglais?

Mario:         Beheaded….beheaded

Imogen:       It seemed to me that you mixing up a little bit different kind of languages… where you mixing up between English, or American English, bits of Dutch thrown in?

2Dope:        Oh, no no no


Ricardo:      We can try, maybe we I can sing in Portuguese

Zillion:         Okay

Ricardo:      I don't know, maybe, let's try

Zillion:         Give it a try?

Voice:         Oh no!

Mario:          We've lost a fuse

Voice          The fuse, the fuse ... ahh shit


Zillion:         Before the electricity just cut out you were asking me to do a piece

Ricardo:      Oh, let's try, let's try, I can see, yeah


Don't understand

Claudia:       And also what they are talking about because I could not understand anything.

Wendelien: Could you tell me in Papiamento what it is you sing about, and could you translate it for me?

Singer:        About my… vida

Drummer:     About his life,

Wendelien   About your life

Singer:        Not about my life, just life

Wendelien: Not about your life but about life itself?

Singer:        Yes.


Imogen:      How important is the lyric?

2Dope:        It is very important, it is like you can express your feelings in the lyrics, you know.

Imogen:      What happens is, that when you are singing the words, as a listener, you get involved in the music, the rhythm. You can't hear or understand all the words.

2Dope:        You have got the possibility to do different kind of things. Like English, Surinam, Dutch, but you have to be powerful with a kind of strength in your lyrics.

Imogen:      Does that mean you'd rather rap in one language than in another? Because you feel more able to express yourself? Does that mean you feel more able to express yourself in American English?

2Dope:       No no no, not that.


Imogen:      As for the sound, so far… there has only been one sound that has been interesting at any one time.

Claudia:      So it's like what the guy said…to me.. . well, when I rap you have to just say something and then you are rapping, you know.

Imogen       Ahah

Claudia:      You understand what I am saying?

Claudia:      It is very easy you just say something and than you are rapping.

Imogen:      He wanted you to rap?

Claudia:      Yeah, so I was like…what?

Imogen:      You thought: this is my chance

Claudia       Nah, you have to prepare yourself, I can't do like, just something

Imogen:      Do you rap? Do you rap yourself?

Claudia:      What? Oh no no no


On alterity

Imogen:      Because Maria had earlier talked about this notion of De Certeau: the eruption of alterity. That particular kind of encounter with the other, in which one has a experience of self otherness. Through the encounter with the other you have the possibility to recognise something about your own kind of perceptual functioning; your cultural make up. The eruption of alterity is when you get a moment to get outside of that bagage and you see.. you have an understanding of what that intervening screen is. What it is constituted by. Kind of getting outside yourself and having a perspective back onto your own functioning; but through the Other.

Scep:          So when I am a me, he is a you, you come to me. Come to me.


Scep:          Let's play

                   or are you hungry?

                   We don't start too fast

                   Are we going to put down: "Lobme" track ?

Zilion:          We're gone shoot a clip of it.

Scep:          This tune comes ...

                   You don't speak Surinam do you?

girl:             No

Scep:          ‘A tak a lobe me', do you know what that means?

                   This lady… a tak a lob me : she said, she said she loves me

                  ‘a tak a put me in de atti' : she said she has put me in her heart

                   but every time I look to the side, she is looking at my mate

Zillion:         Bo mes sa! You know