Script 03




from the dialogue produced by the Polyophonic Stage, the following scetches are parts of an open script, which is growing still. (see also: script 02)



Corinne:        We can talk and be recorded

Imogen:        It is really exciting, because I can't see you but I can hear you really nicely.

Scep:            this one is baaaaad …

Imogen:        It's like a Hollywood fantasy isn't it?

Ricardo:        It's like real time cinema; in a way…


Ari:                Addicted to the mic, that man is,…     you're addicted to the mic

2Dope:          You're addicted to the mic. I do what you like

Ari:                The mic is my addiction


Ricardo:        So, you told me that you use most of all your voice to make the percussion.

Zillion:           Yeah, most of the time I use my voice to make the sounds. It is nice if you know what you are doing and you can control the mic.

Ricardo:        Yeah, because it's powerful, the mic.

Zillion:           It's powerful, the mic is powerful, yeah.

Ricardo:        because then any small sound, it goes through all the space…





Corinne:          It leads me very far from the daily life, i think.



Me you first

Scep:            Me and you. Who wants to be me?

Zillion:           You want to be you or you want to be me.

Scep:            Alright, today you are going to be: … me

                    You, hey you, I want you right there. Hey you, right there. Alright?

Ari:                All the you's look the same to me.

Scep:            Ok, now, stop the music, stop the music.


Scep:            We are going to start with me, start with me alright?

Guest:          YOU!

Scep:            The me dance, the me dance. And you watch, you watch,

                     I love my eyes, I love my eyes, my eyes.


Winston films

2Dope:          I am a cameraman right now. I am just…

Scep:            I want everybody to be a part of the team.

                     2Dope, stop being sexy, be a YOU!

2Dope:          I'm a cameraman, man!



Corinne:          Eyes to eyes to the camera, I was looking at you; did you notice I was just looking at you?