Mapping A Certain Brazilianness




Introduction: A project in progress


Wendelien van Oldenborgh


Rigor/Resonance + Art as confrontation
Repersonalização, Enfrentamento e Reversibilidade


Maria Moreira
Maria Moreira


Urban Image and Otherness


Maria Moreira


Differences between us and them


Ricardo Basbaum


Resounding Conviviality


Paul Domela


Anthropophagic Subjectivity


Suely Rolnik





Manifesto Antropofágico 1928

Oswald de Andrade

Two question on cannibalism and rap


Richard Shusterman


Devouring the other, Anthropophagy in Nelson Pereira dos Santos's film: "Como era gostoso meu Francés"


Claus Clüver




Ana Maria Belluzzo


Analysis of Albert Eckhout's West African Woman and Child


Michael Shea





Roots and Wires, Polyrhythmic Cyberspace and the Black Electronic


Erik Davis



Social space


Lygia Clark and Hélio Oiticica:
A Legacy of Interactivity and Participation
for a Telematic Future

Simone Osthoff



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